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Take control of your nutrition

Find out how

Take control of your nutrition

Find out how

Why choose RNG Nutrition?

We are a team of evidence-based nutritionists here in Belfast and our vision is to help make taking control of your nutrition as simple as possible – learn what’s actually important, what strategies will get you to your goal faster and learn the principles that will set you up for life not just for 4 weeks before summer! With the nutrition support group you’ll have the network of help you need to succeed!

Fat Loss

Tips and strategies to shift some body fat

Muscle Gain

How to utilise your diet for muscle gain!

Sports Performance

Are you missing a big part of the picture?

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What you get with RNG Membership

Monthly recipe packs for members ready for download every month! Nutrition examples and walkthroughs added to the Facebook group

Ever expanding video library and information section! New videos and information uploaded and stored in the members-only area

Facebook group dedicated to sifting through the useless information out there and help you understand what’s important

“After running the Belfast marathon in May I really wanted to get leaner for my son’s wedding as change my nutrition from the full on carbo diet needed for endurance running. I had 4 weeks to achieve the look I wanted and through Adam’s expertise and advice I achieved just that. Im especially delighted with the outcome and the definition in my arms.”


RNG Member Referral!

We want to build a community, empowering people with relevant information on nutrition so they can apply it to their own individual lifestyles. We want to give back as much as possible so we’ll be having monthly prize winners for our members, drawn at random from the Website Membership list and announced in the Facebook Group! Each member will be entered once but as an incentive to grow our community for every new referral a member brings into the group their name will go into the draw again. There is no limit to the number of times your name can go in so if you refer 10 new members that month you’ll have 10 more chances to win!


Why not let us help you through your own personal journey with nutrition and finding out to maximise your energy potential


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Nutrition can be a pain in the ass to get to grips with. Let us help cut through the crap

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