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About RNG Nutrition

Officially founded in the summer of 2018 as an Instagram account, the seeds of this business were started not long after the start of 2017 when it became clear there were fundamental problems with how nutrition was understood and used by not only the causal gym-goer, health enthusiast or local athlete but also by people within the industry. We’re passionate about utilising nutrition to empower people and help them take back control!

From nutrient-dense tasty recipes to practical real-world advice on a range of topics, we answer questions and guide you to achieve your goals!

Mac Nutrition Certified Nutritionists

Qualified Personal Trainers

Passionate about health

Adam S 

Originally with a degree in Computing Science and having worked in IT for 10 years decided to leave that role to study nutrition and training. He has played sport for most of his life and is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and MNU certified nutritionist here in Belfast. He enjoys spending time with his wife and young son, completing different events like Spartan Race, Mountain Marathons and basically all things sport related!


Nicola is a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, and currently works as a Health Advisor in a Private Hospital.
Nicola is a keen gym goer and foodie, so when she’s not exercising, she’s trying out the newest place to eat in Belfast.
Nicola has a keen interest in how exercise and nutrition not only benefits the body but also the mind, and shes an advocate of a healthy body healthy mind.


Adams come full circle to follow his passion for all things Nutrition and Training. Having qualified from University with a degree in Architecture he is now a qualified level 3 Personal Trainer and MNU certified nutritionist. When not dishing out nutritional advice Adam likes to spend time with his wife and cats which are basically kids with sharper claws.

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Check out how we can help you!

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