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Client Testimonals

Adam has made a massive difference to me, his advice on nutrition as well as exercise has given me what I needed to lose weight and get fit in a sensible way. Would highly recommend!


I would recommend Adam to anyone looking to drop weight or get fit. His training methods are top notch and 100% work, when followed correctly. Adam’s guidance and patience were very much appreciated.


 He has an approachable, down to earth personality that, I expect, means he can find common ground and get along with anyone.  I also gained a better understanding about macronutrients and what they do for our bodies.  And I got results – following Adam’s nutritional and fitness plan, the weight fell off me, but I never once felt I had to go without the treats I enjoy – everything in moderation.  Adam takes all the mystery out of nutrition, fitness and weight loss, and with his genuine passion,  can debunk all the latest myths and old wive’s tales doing the rounds, making a healthy, balanced lifestyle seem so simple, intuitive, achievable and sustainable.  He goes out of his way to be encouraging, working to your unique personality, circumstances and goals, helping you get the results you want.  I recommend him whole-heartedly.


Been working with Adam for over a year now. Great trainer to work with, explains well but also listens. Monitors all aspects of your health – physical & mental. As a qualified nutrionist means he’s also qualified to advise on nutrition, not something all PTs can do.


It’s been just over a year since I started seeing Adam at RnG, and I barely recognise myself in the mirror anymore. He completely transformed my diet, creating an eating plan & exercise regime that enabled me to achieve my short & medium-term goals, but which also fit around my lifestyle. I was even still able to enjoy the odd takeaway!

Adam breaks down nutrition in a way that it is easily understandable, but can also to go into greater depth & detail when questioned.

I had a number of pre-existing injuries to my lower back & knee which made me hesitant about doing any rigorous exercise, but Adam was able to structure the exercises that avoided any discomfort.  It’s been a transformational journey so far & I don’t hesitate to recommend RnG to anyone no matter their level of fitness. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start sooner!


“After running the Belfast marathon in May I really wanted to get leaner for my son’s wedding as change my nutrition from the full on carbo diet needed for endurance running. I had 4 weeks to achieve the look I wanted and through Adam’s expertise and advice I achieved just that. Im especially delighted with the outcome and the definition in my arms.”