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Workplace Nutrition Workshops 


We can provide group nutrition talks and workshops which are tailored to your industry and budget. Alternatively we also offer 1-1 services for employees or an informational nutrition stand for health days/events that can add value to your companies staff.


2020/2021 Online seminar offer

Due to the ongoing requirement to offer online nutrition seminars instead of the usual in-person sessions, we are currently offering a reduced rate to accommodate this

“Adam delivered a great online session covering a range of topics surrounding nutritional wellbeing and provided lots of realistic and easy suggestions for bettering your nutrition. Our team members took a lot away from this lunchtime workshop.”


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Types of Nutrition Workshops 

See below for some potential workshops that we can deliver – the option you choose will outline the length and scope of info delivered.  

Some Example Workshop Topics

The role food plays in our health

How what we eat can affect our health both in the long and short term.

Understanding the basics can have a massive impact on someones ability to make choices in line with their situation and goals. This workshop explores the fundamentals and lays out what’s important whilst dispelling some nutrional myths

Keeping energized throughout the day

How to avoid that post-lunch slump!
What and when we eat has a huge effect on our physical and mental energy levels. We’ll take you through why this happens and how to combat this to stay energised the entire day!

Weight management

Strategies to maintain energy balance and manage diet & lifestyle to achieve a healthy weight
Help your staff reach their weight goals and improve health by lowering body mass index, reducing risk factors for diabetes and improving self-esteem. The evidence shows that people have greater success with managing their weight if they are supported by peers, so give your work-force the best chance!

Health and other clinical situations

As nutritionists, we understand our scope of practice and we seek only to enhance primary care. Prevention and management of heart disease and its precursors. Diet & lifestyle have a huge part to play in heart health. Provide your staff with the skills they need to make healthy choices and reduce their risk of developing certain diseases with their associated conditions.

Workshop and other services

Nutrition stand

A healthy-eating nutrition stand where staff members can come throughout the day and find out how they can improve their health through diet; have their questions answered and take some nutritional pointers away with them

Full- or half-day drop-in clinic

One-to-one consultations to address personal concerns and come up with a plan based on the individual’s circumstances. Allow a minimum of 30 mins per person.

90min-2hr workshop

An interactive class for 4 – 30 people, which can cover a topic in some depth. These are designed as learning workshops for participants to gain knowledge and help build skills. There is also time to go over Q&A’s and specific issues.

6-week nutrition education programme

60min once a week covering the above topics and more.