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This is a biggie … as in biggest pile of shite. It’s went of for years and years, I remember hearing this one when I was a teenager. 

On the face of it you can see why it made sense for a while. Eating Carbohydrates shuts down fat oxidation (“burning fat”) and the thought was therefore any carbs you’ve eaten will automagically turn to kgs of body fat overnight. Then Science piped up and dropped the bombshell that actually it’s all to do with our overall energy intake! Unfortunately, some people forgot to Science and the myth lived on ….

What does the science say?

In an experiment by Sofer et al (2011) they took 2 groups over a 6 month period:

  • Total energy intake ranged from 1300-1500kcals
  • In the control group, the Carbs were evenly split throughout the day but in the Experimentally group the majority of their Carb consumption were used at dinner after 6pm, roughly 100-120g carbs

The findings are impressive as the Experimental group:

  • Lost more weight (12kg vs 9kg)
  • Reported they felt fuller
  • Reduced their abdominal circumferences over the control group
  • their hormone profile improved

At the end of the day it comes down to goals and preference. If you need more carbs during the day for exercise or your job then make it happen. If not then consider having them at night!