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We’ve answered some common questions below!

How much does this cost?

No sign-up fee’s, no contract, no obligations – just £8.99 a month for RNG Lifestyle, £19.99 a month for RNG Momentum and our RNG30 programme is only £30 one off fee. Specialised Nutrition is £120 a month.

What is included in the service?
  • TARGETS/GOALS– We will be going through live examples to show you how you could set up your diet to work for you based on any Goals you may have. What Calories should you be eating, how much protein etc but in way that’s specific to your current lifetsyle choices.
  • EDUCATIONAL – We’ve created a resource library full of videos, downloads and useful information to help you get to grips with nutrition. With this straight forward approach we aim to equip you with strategies and a mindset that will work for the rest of your life.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – With the Facebook group we’ll have check-in days to let you add your progress and stay motivated in striving towards your goal. With the Group coaching option, you’ll be able to take that one step further and drill down into your specific circumstances.
  • MENTALITY– We all have our nuances with food and our relationship with nutrition can sometimes be a complicated one. Our aim is to show you there are no good or bad foods. Remove the misconceptions about tracking, the use of scales or how to survive certain social situations. We’ll show you how to still enjoy going out for dinner, celebrate friends birthday drinks and still eat the chocolate you like. Everything has it’s place and with a change in your mentality you’ll quickly start to take control of this fact!
  • COMMUNITY – Our aim is to create a community of people that understand how to take control of thieir nutrition and watch them grow throw that process. With our ‘Members Only’ Facebook group you can interact with other members, we’ll help to guide and support you through. Everyone struggles sometimes and with our group you’ll have the support system in place to help you on a daily basis. #TEAMRNG is the tag we’ll be using to build our community and support each other
  • DISCUSSIONS – Live video Q & A’s discussing the latest nutritional information and a place where you can have other questions answered. We will also have more specialised guest speakers come on and about a range of topics including Mental Health and Nutrition, breaking down eating disorders and simplifying the latest research!
  • LIFESTYLE CHOICES – With different methods of eating come different challenges. If you are Vegan or Vegetarian for example, are you getting enough protein in your diet? We look at ways of working with these lifestyles and answer questions on the common pain points.
  • FOOD IDEAS– Every month we add more recipes to our collection and each member can log on and download them to use at home. during the month we also add lots of examples with the aim of covering the varying types and preferences of eating. We add in shopping lists and go on tours of popular Supermarkets like Tescos, Sainsburys etc to show you different ideas.
  • INCENTIVES – We’re firm believers in motivation being a temporary thing that needs to be topped up from time to time. The aim with incentives is that it will give you a boost and keep your mind focused on your own individual targets. We’ve big plans for this one, the bigger our community gets the bigger we can give back to the people that make it so great.
Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes at any time. Stay as long as you get use out of the service. We’re pretty sure for £8.99 a month (a few coffees a month) you’ll want to keep using it. We provide you with the ability to take control of your own nutrition, discuss and dissect the latest information on nutrition and provide a platform for you to ask any questions you want! 

What do I need to get started?

We’ll give you as much information and knowledge as you’ll need to get started. If you prefer to go down the route of adherence and tracking then you’ll require:

– The My Fitness Pal App
– Digital Bathroom scales
– Kitchen Scales to measure out food
– Facebook account to join the support network

From here we’ll show you where and how to start! Once you understand the basics you’ll be in the position to decide how and when you use the new skills you’ve learnt.

Can I join even if I don't like exercising?

Exercise is completely optional. There is not much point in telling you to do 4 workouts and 10k steps a day if that is never going to be possible in your current lifestyle situation. Just know that finding and sticking to a type of exercise you enjoy can be am an advantage when it comes to losing body fat and keeping it off! That being said if that’s not realistic then don’t worry, nutrition alone can get you there!

I've lost a lot of weight in the past but put it back on, can you still help?

Definitely! With the knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll understand why this may have happened, what you can do to combat this and install a positive mindset with new coping mechanisms to help you through it. 

How do I know you can help me?

We’ve put in the hours, learning, refining and working with people on a daily basis to understand what it takes to help them take control of their own nutrition. We’ve MNU certified nutritionists, personal trainers and our whole goal is to help simplify the world of nutrition

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Is this a quick fix or a lifestyle change?

Everyone’s goals are different but our strategy is to install lasting lifestyle changes that you take forward for the rest of your lives. 

If you need to lose some body fat quickly we’ll set your expectations on what is realistic and what’s not. Dropping fat quickly is something you’d need to consider very carefully and should only be used in certain circumstances.