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We offer a number of online memberships and products!

RNG Lifestyle

Free group

There is a lot of nonsense regarding nutrition out there. It can be a minefield to navigate, how much should you be eating? When should I be eating? Why are some foods perceived as good and others as bad? 

We are a team of evidence-based nutritionists and our vision is to help make taking control of your nutrition as simple as possible – learn what’s actually important, what strategies will get you to your goal faster and learn the principles that will set you up for life not just for 4 weeks before summer! With the nutrition support group you’ll have the network of help you need to succeed!

We want to build a community, empowered with the information on nutrition so they can apply it to their own lifestyles. We want to give back as much as possible so we’ll be having monthly prize winners for our members, drawn at random from the Website Membership list and announced in the Facebook Group!

Gain access to a range of resources that matter

RNG 30

£30 one off payment

Drop Fat, Get Fitter, Take Control


The plan for people that either have never started or need a kickstart back into things! We understand at RNG Nutrition that plans don’t always work out the way you want them to. Whether it is life, work or even an injury set back, sometimes you just lose your way when it comes fintess and nutrition.

The RNG 30 programme is perfect for those that want that hit to get started!

This 4-week intro program aims to reboot your health and fitness

– Individual specific nutritional guidelines 

– Huge selection of meal ideas

– Community Support FB group

– Community Whatsapp support group

– Home workouts to kick your fitness into life. (Gym workouts also available)

1-1 Online Nutrition Coaching

Only £120 a month

Work with your coach to fully understand your needs and goals around your specific situation. General health, making weight or possibly you’re in the lead up to the next big race, we’ve got you covered

  • Nutritional setup specific to you – set dietary plan based around your likes and dislikes
  • Adherence and progress check-ins
  • Take control of your nutrition and overcome your personal barriers to success
  • Access to your coach through email, phone, skype and appointments.
  • Everything in the RNG Lifestyle option included
  • Video Library driven by members
  • Get to grips with what’s important
  • Constantly updated with latest research that we gather up and break down

Fat Loss

Tips and strategies to shift some body fat

Muscle Gain

How to utilise your diet for muscle gain!

General Health

Are you missing a big part of the picture?