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Nutrition for endurance sports


Whether it’s hitting a new PB for a marathon or getting your nutrition in check for an Ironman, we’re here to give you a guiding hand. With triathlon training and other endurance events under our belt we understand the importance of not only getting enough energy during training and the race but making sure recovery and repair is taken care of too

Nutrition for team sports


Having played competitive team sports all of our lives we’ve not only the experience but also the knowledge to help you get the most from your performances. What to take during pre-season? How do you navigate dropping some body fat whilst maintaining performance? What to eat in the lead up to a big game? These are all questions we asked ourselves and now we help others to get to grips with.

Nutrition for working out


A huge part of being able to drop body fat or build muscle or even just for general health is having the ability to actually turn up and get the work done. With a stressful job, family life and other commitments, sometimes we can forget to keep on top of our nutrition to allow us to have the energy to actually work out properly. We aim to make this process easier and help you make the most out of your nutrition to aid your workouts!

Nutrition for making weight or competing


Weight making sport like Boxing, MMA or Martial Arts can be a daunting process. All too recently it’s come into the news about athletes going to extremes to cut weight before fights when the reality is it doesn’t have to be this way. With a clear plan and the knowledge behind what they’re doing, athletes can be empowered to take control and concentrate on the thing that matters – the actual event! For bodybuilders aiming to step on stage the process is the same, how do we keep our nutrition on point and still hit those workouts?  We can coach you through this process and have you looking your best on the day!