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Let’s work out our starting point 

In this section we look at how to actually calculate your starting point. Is there a best method and why everything is just the beginning! 

Step 1 – Estimate your energy requirements

Click here for energy calculator

Step 2 – Work out your macronutrients

Click here for an example scenario

Step 3 – Where to start with Tracking

Tracking option: MyFitnessPal

No app is 100% full proof when it comes to nutritional values but best guess accuracy with MyFitnessPal is a decent shout

Tracking Spreadsheet walkthrough

Tracking Spreadsheet Download

Non-tracking methods you can use

If MyFitnessPal isn’t for you then there are other ways to look at your energy intake. Check out these other options!

Global Guidelines


Portion Sizes

Click on the image to download a handy guide on portion sizes

Plate Sizes 

Set Meal Plan

How to measure progress

Using Scale weight Video

Why I believe you’ve probably been using the scales in a negative way and why if you’re going to use them you should do it this way

Scale weight example

Does meal frequency matter?

Why it doesn’t matter for fat loss, more on this in the sports performance section