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Do each exercise for 30 seconds. Take 30 seconds break. After you finish one round – take 2 minutes rest. Complete 3 rounds 1st week, 4 rounds in week 2 and then 5 rounds week 3 and 4.

**If you feel you are able then complete 5 rounds from week 2.

Walkouts & Toe Taps

Stand up tall with a narrow foot stance. Now bend at the hips and using your hands, walk your body out along the mat in front of you. Once you are fully extended, keep your core (abdominal muscles) braced and bring your right foot out from a narrow stance to a wide stance, touch your toe off the ground then return to start. Now do this with your left foot and once finished using your hands and arms, walk yourself back up to the original starting position. 

Bodyweight Squat

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart (this is an example but it’s best you find your preferred distance for squatting as it can be quite individualised based on someone’s bone structure). Take a breath in, brace your core (abdominal muscles) then while keeping the chest up bend at the knees aiming for 90 degrees in range of motion. At the bottom of the movement squeeze your big tose into the ground and stand back up using your quads to do the work (front of the legs). This movement works our quadricep muscles so make sure you can feel those muscles doing the work. 

High Knee Pulls

In an upright standing position with both arms in the air, bring your left knee up towards your stomach to 90 degrees with simultaneously bringing your elbows down to meet the knee. Now bring the knee back down and your arms back up. Once back to the start perform using the right knee and so on.

Jumping Jack & Toe Touch

Start with feet in a narrow stance and arms down by your side. Now jump up while bringing your feet into a wider stance and your arms up above your head. Next jump again bringing them back down to the starting position. From here with both feet now together and standing upright, bend at the hips and bring your hands down to reach for your toes or as far as is possible with your current range of motion.

Modified Push Ups

Hands shoulder-width apart with your fingers facing forward. Slowly shift your weight forward until your shoulders are positioned directly over your hands. Reposition your hands as needed to allow full extension of your body from the knees without any bend at the hips. Stiffen your torso by contracting your core and abdominal muscles (“bracing”).

Glute Bridge & Crunch

Lie on your back with legs tucked up towards your bum. Keep a wider than shoulder width stance and heels on the ground. Bring your hips up until fully extended and squeeze your glutes (bum) as hard as you can. From here then perform a crunch up and to one side (if this causes pain or discomfort perform a normal crunch straight up) The goal here is to get proper contraction of the glutes so if you feel this more in your quads (front of your legs) or Hamstrings (back of your legs) then position your legs slightly wider and possibly closer to your bum.